May 11, 2010

l♥ve lonny back

with the major loss design feinds readers of shelter magazines have suffered lately, lonny has filled quite a void.

i've loved lonny from the start. but only recently have i used lonny. the link-to-resource (click-to-buy, whatever) feature is quite possibly one the most time saving and valuable resources i've ever encountered (in the capacity of design). in the midst of my current biggest project ever, i really don't know what i would do without it. (well, yes i do but it would take a whole lot of time and effort that could be better spent many other ways)

while they do a phenomenal job putting out a stellar product on a dime, they still require funding. they come us to us, wherever we are and don't ask for anything in return. but that doesn't mean they don't need it.

if you want to do what you can to ensure this gem sticks around, give a little (or a lot).

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