May 14, 2010

Happy wedding weekend!

It’s not unlikely that I met Katy the day I was born.  Our families were close and in the 5 short years we were all friends (until they moved away) i have early memories scattered about those years, but all filled with this family.

katy & me

katy and my sister (kelley)

our moms (pregnant with me & david – katy’s brother)

  After they moved, we (the kids) lost touch but have been updated through our parents throughout the years.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I received an e-mail from Katy for a request for custom frames for her bridesmaids.  How fun!  She had to make a trip down this way anyway, so she dropped by a fabric sample of the bridesmaid dresses and it was so fun to see her again!
For now – this is what you get to see…. (don’t want to spoil any surprises ;))


Stay tuned for more.  We hope everyone loves their frames Katy and I’m so glad our paths crossed after all these years!

Best wishes to you and Adam!


  1. i remember them when we were little and the lewis' lived here too. we used to go over to their house to play. and your house, too. so long ago.


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