March 29, 2012

a “3” birthday party - invitations

It’s time for Mills & Cellie to turn 3!  Didn’t they just turn 2?!  We are going on year number 2 of combining Mills & Cellie’s party and it works so well we may just continue it (forever)  Here are some photos of the prep work.  We decided on the theme to be 3 because 3 year olds love to tell you they are 3 and well, honestly..i couldn’t think of anything else :)



I printed the invitations on card stock: the bunting lines and the words.


My good friend Molly (cellie’s mom) so graciously obliged when I came over to her house and dumped 500 triangles out to glue on.  She didn’t even complain – she’s the best :)

I am SO excited to have a party supply supplier in town :)  Sweet Melissa from M.B. Strother Designs is now carrying the cute divine twine along with gift bags and other goodies.  Check them out here


I used double sided tape and hot pink paper to pin down the back of the invites


The final invitation: 


I hand deliver all of mine but Melissa said the little bags could be used as envelopes as well, just tape them closed well.

I sent this next picture to Arre because you can only look at flag cupcake toppers long enough to realize a) who cares and b) the 20 minutes i have wasted on this has go to end now.  She quickly picked the second from the right.


And did you know that Martha Stewart labels are at Staples now?!  I am way too excited about this and spent way too much time browsing the small section dedicated to her.  Yay Staples!  These were for the treat bags.






and more to come on the actual party!

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  1. You know I love neon, so iwas super pumped when you elected to go this way for Mills's big three! Can't wait for party pics to go up.


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