March 29, 2011

another (unmissable) bit about atlanta

we served champagne (among other cocktails but since i'm writing this post it gets to be champagne-centric) with these adorable cocktail napkins that i may or may not be obsessed with.

they're perfection anyway but we decided to up their chicness with a little personalization (inspired by Kate Blanchett at the Oscars ;) ).

oh and if you weren't at our atlanta show, you'll have another opp to see these babies as we are currently in the planning stages of more s&j road trips for summer 2011 - get excited.

p.s. i love these napkins so much that i used them for a baby shower for my newest niece a few months ago - they play well with hot pink, too. so that's good


  1. too cute. perfect for anything from a cocktail party to a spruced-up tailgate!

  2. so adorb!! where did you get them???

  3. AH! Thanks, girls! L. Caroline - i think so too (obvi!!) and Bets - Place on the Pointe, baby ;) (not just for monogrammed acrylic serving trays anymore ...)

  4. Love the pattern! Great to see you today. Hopefully we can grab coffee together soon and catch up! I miss my friends from S&J <3


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