January 31, 2011

So They Say

I spotted this {amazing} quote (and print!) on Paloma's blog this morning.

I'm on deadline (always) and this was just what I needed to see.

Even though I've been writing published articles for nearly a decade, they still always seem impossible to finish when they are nearly finished. Yet I've never looked back and said 'that was impossible.' Of course I haven't - who has?!

How encouraging to think once it's done, it's done!

I can't wait to be able to feel like that about our house. Right now completing it feels like such an impossibility. Even though we moved in two months ago, it is still so undone (and I do not mean like I want it to be draperies-in-every-room done, I mean it's still no-drawer pulls-,-bathroom-sinks-or-a-laundry-room undone).

I know it's coming though. And when it does, I may even have to hang this print somewhere (I think I even know the spot... it just doesn't exist yet *le sigh*)!


  1. love this!!! i'm feeling like this about everything right now!


  2. maybe we need one of these (prints) in our office, too... when. we. get. one... ;)


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