January 17, 2011

fairy tea party invitations

There really is not much of a “how to” on these sweet invites….the pictures really do the talking.


Info changed to protect us against all you 4 year old party crashers out there :) 

But I will let you know a couple of supplies i used:


  • purple feathery looking string was found at Michael’s and it’s actually yarn :)
  • cupcake hole punch is from that same michael’s…and is Martha Stewart’s
  • the rest is just paper, a printer, and tape (for paper behind cupcake punchouts) and hot glue gun (for the yarn)





happy week!


  1. You know I think I could keep up this tradition of P and M having joint bday parties!!!! You do what you do so well, and I'm just getting to put my name behind it too!!!! LL


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