January 6, 2011


Happy 2011!  I hope your year has started a little smoother than ours!  We kicked it off with a vicious bug we passed around the house…but at least the only way things can go is up!

my resolutions is kind of general but important and I feel committed (enough) to it to mention it to the world :)

it’s organization and I plan to apply it to every aspect of my life including S&J …while my home life started out kind of rough in the new year – S&J has gotten off to a pretty good start.  While I type I am waiting on arre for a meeting and here are our note taking / idea drawing / tools that i have organized for us to use today :)


there is a small problem with pens disappearing around my home (where our meeting today is being held) so if nothing else at least our notes will be colorful :)  Hope your day is too!

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