January 28, 2011

the classics

I will turn 30 at the end of this year and among the many things I hope to do between now and then is read quite a few classic novels. Some I've read before, many I've not.

My book club is afraid I am trying to hijack the group and convert us to an exclusively classics-reading ensmble (they're right, I totally am).
With the cold, cold weather that just won't stop comes my aching desire to just stay in...

curl up with a book (or two)...

and waste the weekend away...


Classic by aflow featuring a gothic clothing

oh and book clubbers - if any of you are reading - you can expect the announcement of my next selection to come in the form of one of these killer sweatshirts. you just think i'm kidding.


  1. I eagerly await your attire to announce what classic you will push on us ;)

  2. !!! thanks, Jill - me too (now i just have to control myself and not pick a book based on cutest sweat shirt design)


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