August 4, 2011

we're here!

Hi long lost blog friends!  Have you missed us?!  We have had a couple of setbacks (one of which my computer is out of order - unbelievably inconvenient!)  But we are still at it -

And school has not started yet so we have had 3 interns (i say because they don't get paid) part of s&j.  Which is the setback #2.  I made them pose for a picture after a hards day of 20 minute work (because 20 minutes of whining was all I could take).

Although they are very supportive they do not want to make frames when they grow up.
Molly is going to be a fairy, MJ a designer, decorator, or artist (she can't decide) and Mills didn't understand the question so she may be stuck with us.


  1. i just got a good laugh out of this post!

  2. it makes me laugh too - every time i hear (or read) it. 'mills didn't understand the question, so i think she's stuck with us' - i think that's how i ended up here too!


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