February 10, 2010

love is in the air

or more precisely – scattered all over my house.  Mary James is loving Valentine’s Day this year and I am too!  We decided to make our own Valentine’s for teachers & grandparents this year…thank goodness we didn’t attempt to make them for the whole class.  While the girls were into it at first, MJ was DONE after 3 and molly was done after scribbling on one paper and squirting glue all over it.  After which i proceeded to “hurt her feelings” and be “MEAN” when I i suggested she use less glue.  After she stormed off crying, I was pretty sure she was done too. 
And for MJ’s school valentine party….
chocolate hearts to top the cupcakes that you know i made a week ago and are in the freezer waiting to be iced thursday night.027
and i made 5000 of these (or so it felt like i did) a few weeks ago for mj & molly to hand out as valentines.  Idea & instructions for heart candy canes came from here.
and now for the rest of the afternoon, I will be dealing with this.  See molly in the background pouting?  She still can’t wait until Daddy gets home to tell him how mean i am. :)
And they wonder why we don’t do arts & crafts every day.
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  1. i love this so much! cute, cute everything. and the story made me laugh and smile and almost cry - good work ;)

    oh yeh and i love Y'ALL!



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