April 12, 2011


As a side trip from our Atlanta show – we headed an hour north to hit the lovely city of Athens, GA.  We love this city and now have 1 more reason to love it even more – Showpony.

Showpony was opened in January by Susan, a friend of mine that goes back to the days of drinking out of buckets on the beach, smoking cloves, dropping jolly ranchers in our zimas, sneaking out studying hard and going to high school sporting events – oh those were the days!  Now we are all grown up and Susan is doing amazing things as i always knew she would.  She married last August (i didn’t always know that would happen ;)) and opened a store in the historic downtown Athens in January. 

Here are a few pictures from our 1st of many visits to come!

s&j frames on wall

015 017


fabulous clothes!




loving the stools in the dressing room. i bet online athens didn’t get a picture of this! ;)





a shot of the view from Showpony


and to entertain the little ones while you shop (i secretly think they are for susan)


Become a friend of Showpony on facebook and stop by if you are ever in the hood…you’ll be glad you did!

Lastly – check out this video Susan’s talented brother (Paul) made for her:

Showpony - Athens, GA from Paul Chase on Vimeo.

happy shopping!


  1. how fabulous!! i didn't know susan had a shop in athens - LOVE it all and will have to visit soon!

  2. i so *heart* showpony! great post.


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