August 10, 2010

the new crayon

i love school supplies so much that i long for the day it will once again be necessary for me to get *that list in the mail and scurry around town to fill my (children-to-be's) art bags with the wares of back-to-school.

what if these were on the school supply list? a crayon you can eat. can you imagine?! aren't they gorgeous?

and not only are they crafted by hand

but they are created (primarily) from natural and healthy foods

check out that organization. beautiful.


and what amazing photography to boot.

(both of which are themes of this incredible blog. you'll probably spend the rest of the day there if you go. consider yourself warned.)

*that list which barely beat - and sometimes didn't - the other eagerly anticipated list.. the summer reading list. ahhhh, to be a kid again.

all images via luxirare.

1 comment:

  1. yum! and fun! i'm refraining from visiting your link since my list to do today is a mile long, but can't wait to see it!


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