August 27, 2010

How Cute Is...


When Jennings's cute Mama found out she was having her, she knew she wanted to use the darling cross-stitched alphabet Jennings's daddy's grandmother stitched for him (that he may or may not have had hanging in his room until he was ... older than I can admit without risking our friendship ;) ).

She graciously trusted us to frame it for her and as luck would have, we stumbled upon some perfect pink wood that complemented the furniture she painted for the nursery perfectly.

It took us a while to wrap this project up (so sorry Alli :/ and THANK YOU for your patience) but it's done now and could not look sweeter.

happy weekend!


  1. I love this! And I have always loved the room, especially the fabric on the chair. And the iron bed. And of course the D&A rug :)

  2. It couldn't be any sweeter! And, if I may boast just a bit...ALL the compliments to you, dear friend, for your creativity and complete dedication to helping a "non-decorator" friend complete the cutest baby girl room ever!!!LOVE.YOU.:)

  3. thank you, allison. that is sweet. love YOU! xx


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