August 30, 2010


I am not sure else how to title this post but that.  Maybe it’s because I’m almost on my 3rd cup of coffee, but today it’s necessary as I have been thrown back in to reality.  You see.. i was (very gratefully) allowed to travel west to see a dear friend and celebrate her last days of bachelorettism (i know..not a word) with her and her adorable, fun loving friends.  My mother-in-law and amazing sister-in-law (that’s arre-if you’re new) pitched in on helping with kids and helped make my weekend worry free (among other things!)

And Arre sent me pictures like this, to help me feel like I wasn’t missing them too much.


While i made some really great memories and new friends.. i also really got behind because it wasn’t just this weekend that things were put on hold - there were serious preparations made for this trip.  So I do apologize for the lack of response to emails but hopefully have caught up with everyone now?! 

Now onto non-related frame things just to put off things i need to do a bit more..

So..while in Los Angeles, my marrying friend mentioned she didn’t know what to have thrown at her wedding when she leaves: birdseeds, bubbles?  I came across this article:

and LOVE the idea of ringing bells (love these) as the bride and groom leave to begin their life together…:)  What do you think?  Any ideas you have seen, loved, wished you had done (or will do?)  I personally think everyone should pop champagne bottles as they leave but I have a feeling it’s a little unrealistic.  any realistic (but fun and whimsical) ideas?

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  1. oh how fun! bells would be sweet. and of course i would LOVE champagne (her dress will probably be something i won't be able to spray with champagne, though!!). i love the idea of feathers - they're beautiful and are symbolic in a lot of beautiful ways.

    and for the record (because this is the record, right?), the weekend was an absolute treat for me.


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