August 11, 2010

atl ♥ bound

happy wednesday, friends.

this morning, kristen and i are working (we have a lot of custom orders we're wrapping up so if you're expecting one get excited (and check out these sneak peeks ;) ) but in a few hours, i am loading up with almost my entire immdediate family to travel to atlanta to see tom petty. for real (the all riding together part (five people in one car) and seeing tom petty. on a wednesday. all true)

we are going for my dad's birthday (happy slightly belated J-Man). my mom's even going (they aren't married). how awesome are we?

while i'm there i think i'll swing by scott's (and try my hardest to not buy anything). i haven't been in a while ;) and i do need a few things ...

have a good rest of the week - i'm cutting out early!



  1. oh man - about the 'awesome' part ... i meant that my "broken" family does things like pile into a car together for a mid-week road trip. not like i think we're cool because we were going to a concert (which was actually awesome, by the way (the concert - not us))

  2. Ooooh...FUN! You know you are cool. Don't deny it.


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