August 9, 2010

reading rainbow

Did you like to read as a child? I did. Even before I could actually read I loved the idea of books and reading. I still do. I even liked assigned reading in school (for the most part). (Do you remember this show?!)

I can't wait for Mary James to learn to read. I wonder if she'll love it? I'm so curious about what sort of books she'll like. We'll see soon enough ;)

Thinking of her starting school and learning to read has me thinking of how much more reading of classics I would like to do...

How much more fun would that be if I had a few of these and a couple more of these?

that should get me off to a good start, no?

thanks to Joslyn and Rachel for the introduction and reminder. xx

Ooooh! and the new house has so many lovely bits that I can't wait to live among. One in particular I am looking especially forward to is a wall of bookcases! Can't wait to fill 'em up!

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  1. always love reading your posts, Arre.

    Thanks for that :)


  2. me too (on the reading) and i know mj will love fact, i think i'll be a little shocked if she doesn't! now that i think about: this post is much more her and eating the crayons is right up molly's alley :)


  3. love these! and the crayons! and the back to school posts!

  4. can join me on my quest to read the classics...I have a list and I am knocking it out bit by bit. I seem to get hung up on one author though and read all of their books instead of continuing on my list (but I guess that is okay too because they all are classics)!

  5. Brandi - I am so sorry I am just repsonding to you here! I am going to pick up Jane Eyre this week. Don't finish it too fast ;)


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