August 11, 2010

back to school fashion

When I think of Mary James starting kindergarten, I cannot believe myself.

I learned of her impending arrival in the first weeks of marriage to the man who makes me her aunt. So she has always been a part of the family I married - and one my most favorite parts, I must admit.

She is the girliest girl I've ever seen. She's engaging and endearing and as pretty as can be.

Starting school (real school - I still can't believe it) is crazy enough but starting to ... wear a uniform is something I truly cannot wrap my head around.

This child is a fashionista in the truest sense of the world. She comments on what I am wearing every time she sees me (whether she likes it or not ('why are your pants up so high?' 'i thought those shoes were castes (casts) on your feet!'). A play date warrants a necessary 11 wardrobe changes (at least); A new outfit cannot be viewed without the immediate inception of a full-on fashion show and if her mom so much as wears anything but a t-shirt, the child nearly tires out from sheer glee.

So to imagine her in a world without her trademark style is to imagine her in ... a world where she can't possibly spend the next 5 years of her life (they do only have to wear uniforms at the lower school, right?)!

No fear though, she can accessorize her way through school and I'm sure she will.

Here are my thoughts on how to make the ole DW jumper, etc. her own:

School GirlFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

School Girl by aflow featuring J Crew


  1. Arre, have you shown this to MJ yet? She will LOVE it!!!

  2. arre this is great! I just showed it to mj and she said "WOOOOOO, look at those shoes...oh she thought of great ideas...let's see if they have my size" - haaa thanks arre :) i told her to wait on her aunt arre

  3. Although I "get" the reasons behind the uniforms, it seems so sad to me to see her little (huge!!) creativity stifled. :-( Cannot believe she and Alex are starting kindergarten!!

  4. :) Mary James and i DID got "back to school shopping" (it's in quotation marks because we got NOTHING she can actually wear to school) and - in true form - she changed into her new clothes right after we purchased them - in the car on the way to the movies - gah i love her!

  5. mary james and lark are 2 peas in a pod! :) she has to change clothes at least 3x a day. she's still at mmo this year, so she is getting to wear her own creations to school. i think we cleared old navy out of skirts and graphic tees a few weeks ago. she's frilly with a bit of her mama's no frills mixed in ;)


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