August 2, 2010

i have a few things for you

  • have you ever seen  a more beautiful bouquet? oh how i want to have a party with flowers like this... just. need. a house. thanks for the inspiration Meg!

  • i tried the vellum streamers last weekend (note to self: leave crafting to Kristen)

  • the pieces party appears to have been a ball (still blue i missed it). in true genuis style, Lee had a super fun photo booth!

  • i've not been shopping - like at all - this summer and to that notion, missed a pair of the loveliest sandals ever. i have an all points bulletin out for them. oh, how i hope anthro (of course) comes through for me *fingers (and toes) crossed (so hard they are turning white)*

  • crewcuts has the cutest stuff ever. if i had my own kids to clothe, i would be in quite a fiscal crisis ;)

  • could Joni be any cuter? between the cake (you'll have to scroll down to july 19 for this) and the memo (tacked up on her website), i don't think so.

  • serious progress is being made at our house. the walls have been primed and are actually being painted, the bathrooms are being put back together and the floors are to be finished this week.  i've been getting ridiculously excited knowing it's going to be our home so soon. a vagabond's life is not for me.

  • i've fallen hard for so many new blogs. check out all of the new adds on our list (to your right). check out a few other updates while you're over there. Kristen has been working hard! 



balloon image from that's just it photo found on oh happy day

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