February 15, 2011

hair how-to

Leave it to Joanna to count among her friends not only a hair expert - who looks like a model - but also a sartorialist-esque photographer (and have the west village apartment in which to shoot such a stylish spread).

The three got together and spit out this gorgeous hair how-to/photo shoot. so. lovely.

in other hair news, this double knot hair-do has inspired me too. i've been wearing a dumbed down version of it this week, which consists of me letting my part fall wherever (which is standard procedure for any way i style my hair) then blindly dividing it into two unequal pices and twisting and clipping (with the clip tucked invisibly under the twists) the two sections one over/beside the other. i haven't seen it but it feels like it must look good.

p.s. i have the duvet cover that is the backdrop of the photo series. and that makes me feel cool. sort of.

image source


  1. love this! how beautiful is the girl featured??! and arre, my sweet, you ARE cool.

  2. that is a really cute do and gorgeous gal. i looked into the links and i think that my hair could POSSIBLY do the double knot - if i put mounds of product in it. : )

  3. isn't she GORGEOUS?!

    and thanks, B ;)

    Shanna - you could totally do the double knot. it seems to be more about length (that's why i had to alter it for me). it probably would need to be dirtied up a bit, though!

    thanks for your comments, sweet friends ;)


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