January 19, 2010

with a little help from my friends

photo by S.Scott

Among the many plans we have for stewart & james in 2010 is a little project with the lovely (do I always call her that?!) Joni of Chocolate Butterbean at the helm. She has been brilliantly reconceptualizing our brand (among other, more tangible things). We are absolutely thrilled at the progress she has already made.

While we cannot wait to reveal all of the exciting changes to you, it's just not quiiiiite time ;)

stay tuned...

post by arre


  1. Hi Girls! Happy new year! I am soooo glad we're in 2010. Big changes everywhere.
    I have my own blog. come on over and see me sometime!
    new bling too! oxoxox

  2. I can't wait to see the all new Stewart & James brand! I'm sure Joni did a great job!

    C'mon...give us a little peak

  3. Oh my gracious, I DIE over the Chocolate Butterbean. Cannot wait to see what they've done for yall! I'm just sure it's divine.

  4. I've seen it (I am privy to such confidential information... well, only b.c I took the photo ;) ) and it all looks great!

  5. Arre, you are too sweet! I'm excited! ~Joni


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