January 22, 2010

a lot

i have learned a few things this week.
1.  3 children are a lot of children.   it’s a lot.  they are cute and mills’ thighs are still so squeezable i can’t resist her, but i now realize i have a lot of children. 
2.  molly’s birthday party – i have a lot to do, but these pictures let me relax a little…i have also done a lot
3.  mj is growing up.  it makes me sad and happy a lot.  i know if you don’t have kids you’re saying – pick one – happy or sad. but i can’t..it’s both.
but i’m soo excited that pretty soon we will have a lot of frames for you!  happy weekend!
post by kristen


  1. You do have ALOT of children - haha! After our phone conversation, I think I'll hold off on a 3rd for awhile (or maybe just keep it to 2 for good) :)!

  2. thanks MaryBeth! I hope it will be, i will update soon with actual party pics!! (after the 31st!)

    too funny kelley, ask me in a year, i may have a different opinion :)

  3. and you DO a lot for those beautiful babies. those top pictures are so much fun! seeing more party images are getting me even more excited about next weekend and the last picture is about to make me cry. and smile so big. looooove y'all! -a

    oh! and Mary Beth, Kristen does THE cutest parties. ever. did you see the pricess party from last Summer? http://stewartandjames.blogspot.com/search?q=princess+party

  4. Sometimes I think one is a LOT. But there will be two so I better stop thinking. Those thighs make it all worth it :)


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