January 13, 2010

Winter {Wedding} Wonderland

The girls at Smitten have done it again.

i would have done lots of things to have gotten to be any part of a wedding so lovely... like even been a tree. or something inanimate such as that.
Even the "getting ready" (while cosuming "epic amounts of champagne punch") appears to have been fabulous. And can you imagine walking up to the adorable 'chapel' (& seeing the pair of Christmas trees - you gotta get to their blog) - every part of this wedding appears to have been simply divine.

oh and don't even get me started about the bride's fur stole. or her feather fascinator - be still my heart. pop over & swoon over the rest of the images for yourself. serioulsy, you have to. you do not want to miss the slipcovers. or the chapel at night. oh! or all of the mercury glass. or the 'framed' photos at the cocktail hour preceding the wedding (because yes, there was a cocktail hour preceding the wedding) or the bride!

that's it. i'm headed back now.

but not before showing you these:

and now this has taken me so long to compose, the reception is up too ...


  1. just beautiful -- i am speechless. i would be thrilled if my own wedding exudes one once of this beauty.

    xo mary beth

  2. Wow. This wedding is the wedding of all weddings. Makes mine look like trailer park ;)

  3. That is positively gorgeous! I'm in love with this wedding!! ~Joni

  4. Mary Beth, I am sure your wedding is going to be lovely in every way! i can't wait to see

    Karyn, i looooooooved your wedding. it was perfect.

    Joni - (if this is the Joni i think it is) the wedding reminds me of your wedding - does it you?


  5. thanks so much for tootin our horn for us!! ;) thrilled to see this blog post! brooke knows how to have a wedding now doesn't she?! thanks arre and kristen, ya'll are the best!!!!!

  6. yaaaaaay s&j!!!!!!! looking forward to growing right along with ya'll in 2010!!!


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