January 20, 2010

Hope (of all sorts) for Haiti

Efforts to aid Haiti, in the midst of such horror, are such a beautiful reminder of the humanity that is, in fact, hidden all over the world.

Some close to our home; others our heart:

-We are beyond grateful to be able to be a part of craft hope's creative and communal effort. Find us (among great company) here.

-The always incredible Mission:Change has organized this movement for the Albany area. Hopefully there is something similar near you.

-The sisters smitten have taken action to centralize hopeful giving to Shoebox4HAITI.

-To remind and be reminded of the hope there is, purchase and wear this. 100% of the proceeds will go directly here.

-JHill is doing something similar with her Places I Have Never Been desk calendar.

I hope I remember that I desperately want this anyway and buying it now is just sensible ;)

-And perhaps the easiest way to serve, and quite possibly earliest response with the most hopeful participation, text HAITI to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It takes about 11 seconds. and costs less than lunch.


post by arre


  1. please give, give, give!!!! any little thing helps so much! they need whatever they can get right not! thanks girls for posting this!!! i can't stop contributing and praying for everyone there!!!!! love, LL

  2. THis is fantastic, and such a great list of many ways to help, I also will be donating my art in an auction with 100% of proceeds going to help them.

    Thoughts and Prayers and a helping hand xo


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