January 5, 2010

ok so i know

molly whines
above photo taken by camera phone as i type this post.  this is what whining looks like..
that i promised a frame post this week.  and while a good many of my hours have been frame worthy over the past two days – my camera died (well just the battery), molly’s voice has turned into a permanent constant whine, school started back, mj has dancing today and no warm leotard (it’s 40 degrees today- freezing for us in south GA!), and mj also has a dentist appointment that will no doubt be anxiety filled.  so no frame pictures today but it’s only Tuesday right?! So i will still post something about frames but for now a baby is waking up and Target is calling my name to please please have a long sleeved leotard on the rack.  in a size 4.  please. 
have a wonderful Tuesday!
post by kristen


  1. whoa - if i was tiny & adorable i would have totally thought that was me. i feel ya mols - 2010 is giving me a hard time too. xx a

  2. & good luck long-sleeve leotard shopping K - if there isn't one put a cardigan on with her normal leo and a pair of leg warmers. she'll look very real ballerina-ish, actually.

  3. My daughter has ballet today too and we do not have a long sleeve leotard or a Target! CRAP!

  4. We are in constant whine mode over here too!! Good luck with the leotard!


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