January 18, 2010

stewart & james in 2010

Three years ago this very month, stewart & james was officially, albeit barely... existent. A (literal) couple of months before, we hatched the idea. Then scurried to make it a reality in time to show our - at the time imaginary - product at America's Mart January (2007) Market. We even made the pitiful little sign (above) ;)

Matt & Arre at Market (foolishly proud of our pitiful little booth)

In the years since then, the business (and Kristen's family (that's right she was pregnant with Molly when this whole thing started - but I digress) has grown exponentially (we have meetings now). We are hopeful for and being deliberate about this small business' future.

old camera 773 = 002

Not the least of the progress we've seen has come from this little blog. We are so thankful for our readers (and in some cases, subsequent customers!). Knowing you guys are out there (and reading your comments ;) ) is such an encouragement to us. Please know how appreciated you and (please!) keep checking in with us as we are excited to continue to share stewart & james with you!


kristen & arre


  1. Happy Anniversary Stewart & James!!

  2. oop - make that 'you are' - "know how appreciated you ARE"

  3. I think you guys have an awesome business!! Such smart talented girls!! I know in the future the business will continue to grow!!

  4. Kristen,
    I only found the big candy canes!! :( And, I got them at winn-dixie. Good luck....let me know if you find any tiny ones around. Maybe dollar general??

  5. Happy Anniversary and wishing S & J many more!

  6. stewart and james rocks!!!! love, ll


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