September 26, 2011

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I met Callie in my early foggy college days.  I am sure it was one of those rush parties.  She is (was? or are we for life?) a sorority sister.  While the parties I don't remember that well (I am still not sure what happened or didn't happen or was supposed to happen or not that first night, are you as confused as me yet?) but i will always remember the amazing group of girls I met that day and I absolutely LOVE running back into them and being reunited whether in real life or online.  I re-found callie when I came across her blog and was able to catch up on her adorable fun life!  She just recently (as in less than 2 weeks ago) had her second child (Rinne - how cute is that name?!) to accompany her equally adorable 1st child - Rush.   Check out her cute stationery business - Calliespondence! and well, here is she is to tell you about it :)

kristen was one of my sorority sisters at the u. of georgia! she always had great style and i LOVE what y'all have done with s&j in using reclaimed products and giving them a new life. i'm big on recycling and reusing so that really gets to me!

Favorite s&j Reads:

hmm...i kind of like it all?? i love seeing how your clients incorporate s&j into their homes in your "how cute is..." series and also what's going on in your own lives and projects. OH and the recipes and party features are great too!

Give Me More:

can't think of anything?

Daily Blog Lovin':

let's see, i love elements of style (, urban grace (i think y'all have a tie to them? so fun! --, fly through our window (, dixie delights ( and of COURSE s&j :) several more, too, that are listed at the bottom of my blog - there are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there!!

Why Blog?

i love getting ideas from creative folks out there...and also hearing relatable stories / advice that i can use in my own life. wow that was deep. no really, i rely on other bloggers to tell me what's in fashion, what i can make in the kitchen for dinner tonight, how i can make my house look fabulous, what i can do with my crazy 2 year old little boy...AND make me laugh. it's a tall order, but somehow i am always fulfilled!

and about your blog...

What is your blog about?

my blog focuses primarily on stationery, but i really enjoy doing features about the parties (and weddings!) my clients throw for which the invitation sets the stage, home decor (we just moved and have been slowly trying to get the house up to speed - and will definitely be needing some s&j on these walls), things i run across that are fabulous in fashion and elsewhere, the occasional recipe and also goings-on around atlanta, where i live.

Where is your blog?

(website is

How old is your blog

coming up on a year next week!

and that week has since passed, so happy birthday to calliespondence!

Why {do you} blog?

originally i started blogging to have an interface with my clients...i thought the website was very one-sided and i much prefer a dialogue as to a monologue! i've found it's a fantastic way to show new ideas and products to my clients, and have them get to know the gal behind the scenes - and for me to get to know them as well, which i love. i have so enjoyed being a part of the blogging community; it's the MOST fun!

Thanks for following us, Callie! And keep up the adorable work!

p.s. I love that Callie "remembers" me having great style - her college years were obviously a little "foggy" too because all i wore were second hand clothes and looked like a thrown away hippie..

this post was written by Kristen

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