September 19, 2011

Being Followed By...


Much like our first follower featured, Rebecca is one of my oldest friends (full diclosure: at almost 30 years old, the majority of my (real, true) friends are among that same group (that group being 'oldest friends'. Is that strange? Discuss.). She is hilarious+smart+a lot of fun - most of the prerequisites for me to like you (in case you were wondering. the smart part is not necessary though. that wouldn't be fair ( to you)). She lives a state away :( and is currently planning her wedding :D which I wish she would blog about... 

Here she is:

I discovered s&j when Arre, my dear friend of almost 19 years, started it. I guess I don't remember exactly how or when, but I have been following it since the beginning!

Favorite s&j Reads:
I love reading about Kristen's precious girls, but I love when they mention new websites, recipes, drinks, travel and of course, seeing how other people use all of the beautiful frames in their home.

Give Me More:
I think I would like to see a feature like a 'Fab Friday" and it features one fabulous new thing discovered by either Kristen or Arre, or by the suggestions of their followers. That would be a great way to feature a variety of different things!

Daily Blog Lovin':

Why (read) Blog(s)?
I think blogs are a wonderful distraction to my own life, and they give us a glimpse into the worlds of so many other things.
I used to blog...about finding great fashion deals for women of all ages. It lasted maybe a couple of months then I felt like my material was lacking....maybe I should start a new blog about my dog. It could be called "Charlie and Me," or I could blog about wedding planning and how it can easily make one crazy.

Thanks for following us - always! Can't wait until you start your new blog... you're going to do it, right?!



  1. love it rebecca! you are too funny not to have a blog :) and can't wait to check out your reads!

  2. DISCLAIMER: I am much more of an equal opportunity friend than it sounds like in this post. I really need to think before I blog (and speak for that matter).

    And Kristen, you are so right! Hope this gets her going ;)


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