September 16, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Without even noticing, I've collected primarily fashion oriented links to share this week... I guess that's because 
Fashion Week took over the world blogosphere - what fun!

  • J.Crew made their Fashion Week debut and knocked it out of the park!

  • Erin attended (!) (Fashion Week, that is - not J.Crew - TORY BURCH!) and looked amazing. but she wasn't the only one. Even the invitations were phenomenal. 

{This just in! In case Erin's week didn't start out fabulously enough, it ended with a gift from KELLY WEARSTLER. (yes, that Kelly Wearstler) What a designer darling Mrs. Gates is turning out to be)}

  • Jordan has me already thinking about Christmas with these super cool strings of lights. (Full disclosure, it's not entirely her fault. I work in retail. I've been thinking about Christmas since July (market).

  • A new downtown shop brought the festivities to Albany with mimosas last Saturday morning. I hadn't been in before, and to be honest it was the drink offering that lured me their way, but once I was there (and before I had a total buzz) I stumbled upon more than one great find. If you haven't shopped at Verge yet, this weekend would be a great time to get there. 

My finds were so fun that I don't want to share them with you in such a busy post but here are your hints: fur, sequins and skin!  

  • Another super fun part of living in this super small and sometimes boring town here is the fact that very few Albanians get into Target's designer collaborations, sooooooo while my way hipper friends were lamenting from their big cities over the instant sell-out of Missoni for Target (in their stores and on their computers), I scored at our store ... after work. There wasn't even anyone else looking!

I wish I could've/would've(?) gotten more - but I was very self controlled and only got the contents of two (small) shopping bags.

And I haven't yet had time to get into the latest issue of Lonny (confession: I actually just read the last one a week ago - for shame!) but it's cover, sporting a pink sofa and the tagline: Fall Fashion Issue, is promising. Hopefully this weekend will allow time for a little downtime indulgence.

Now that I'm thinking about it, Rachel Zoe was on the series finale of Entourage and a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie opens this weekend... maybe fashion week has taken over the world. 

Happy Weekend!



  1. yeah i don't even know who those missoni peeps are, but i saw their commercial on t.v. and then noticed some of their goods in target on thurs. but i think i missed most of the boat by then. there was this 1 really great pattern that i loved. it wasn't a chevron ,but i loved the colors in the pattern. the only things i saw in the pattern however were a make-up bag of which i have plenty already so even though i wanted it, i practiced some self -restraint. then there was a laptop cover in that great pattern and even though i don't even own a laptop (but really want one and hope to get one soon) i stood there at least 2 minutes contemplating on whether to buy it or not. i didn't get it (since i don't actually have the product that the particular product is specifically made for), but am still considering going ahead and getting it for the day that I (hopefully) get me a laptop. : )

  2. Shanna! I love this comment! So much. You MUST get the missoni laptop case. Seriously. Go. Tomorrow!


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