September 27, 2011

hair love

I always want and never get a new hair look.

For my entire life my hair has been light brown (I didn't actually realize this until a boy told me it was brown. and this was only a few years ago) and wavy and basically long - save for the jet black curls I had at birth - maybe I was switched - and the white blonde streaks i would inadverdantly end up sporting at the end of every beach-filled summer of my childhood.

A couple of years ago I cut it shorter than my shoulders, which - for me - was short! It's taking forever to grow long again. And I'm not even sure I want to. Not every day, anyway.

I'm always collecting images of hair I wish I could have. My hair-guru (that's you, Leslie) always tells me which ones aren't possible (it's most of them *le sigh*).

But it's still fun to dream.

this is my latest (as in today) idea:

If any hair rockstars out there think they can tackle one of these styles on this mane, let me know!

unfortunately, many of these images were collected without sharing in mind, so i don't know their source. the ones i do know are linked, though: 1, 5 & 12

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