September 28, 2011

two steps forward...

... two steps back. Or at least something like that.

In house news, we finally have hardware on our kitchen cabinets (we are still missing three cabinet doors and three drawers (not to mention one entire cabinet and a pantry) but who's counting?). We also have a working laundry room (it looks basically the same but I can wash clothes at home, so I'm counting it as a win (I really have to reach for those) aaand we finally installed shoe molding in the rooms that were missing it - which were many, in case you were wondering.

We now however, have this situation going on in our den:

That's right, the painters are back. I'm not sure how much blog time I gave the painting of this house last year but it was, in a word, the-longest-process-of-this-entire-experience. And, as evidenced by the above photo, they didn't even finish the job. So here we are (NINE. MONTHS. LATER.) with the painters back again - this time to finish.

I'll (try to remember to) keep you posted.



  1. i think your house looks done :) but our standards are different...i'm glad you have a laundry room!! and good luck on the painting!

  2. ha! thanks. you just have three kids, so your attention is elsewhere! (and your house IS actually done ;) )


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