October 4, 2010

book bins!

We have had some exciting new products in the works in direct response to your requests!  So for the next few weeks we will feature our new items here on the blog to get ready for our annual show (more info to come on that soon…but save the date: November 11-13)!  Our new items aren’t available for purchase just yet but be sure to make it to our show (early!) to purchase them and (if you are out of town or unable to make the show) continue to check back here.

So to kick off this series, I’d like to introduce to you our book bins
You may have seen these before…. here and here.  This adorable book bin has already found a home, but don’t fret …there will be more to come!
stay tuned for more of our new products!


  1. LOVE this!! I will have to hit the show early ;)

  2. Oh I want a book bin! Love it!


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