October 14, 2010

just a few things

have you been wondering about our pumpkin patch?  i know it has been on your mind and you will be pleased to know it’s moving along nicely. we should have approximately 2000 pumpkins by Christmas – just in time right?! 


While it may be October, we still can’t give up playing in the hose..


and collecting hedge apples


BUT if you missed the 3 year old parents day at dance class, you really missed out.. you missed molly  behaving as though it is number 5 million on her list of things to do that day.


Mills was dying to be out there..she cared way more than molly so much so she had to be escorted out by her dad who she wishes gave birth to her



on another (very random) note…. how lucky am i to have a friend that will randomly send me photos like this:


mary james.   thank you shanna :)


  1. this makes me laugh. so much. i can't decide what's funniest, though: 2000 Christmas pumpkins, Molly's enthusiasm or Mills's wish for Jim to have birthed her... hmmm

  2. oh! or Molly's smiley face tat. awesome.

  3. p.s. (again) i need to add that angel pic to the ever-growing list of photos i need... shanna, are you listening?

  4. Hilarious if you have tons of pumpkins at christmas! How will you haul them all away :)?

    LOVE the picture of MJ that Shanna took!!!!!

  5. thanks for the kind words, kristen... : )
    i agree w/ arre...this post makes me laugh!


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