October 12, 2010

the funnest

Apologies for incorrect grammar in the title (and coming up in the post) but I’m swamped with laundry, kids (fall break) and cooking for house warmers (i don’t think that’s what they are called either), but I want to wrap this post up and really can not think of another word besides funnest (because it really was just that- the funnest).  So here goes..

We attended the wedding of very good friend from college in beautiful Cashiers, North Carolina at the High Hampton Inn.  This weekend was the funnest (there i go again) in so many ways…


-amazing views (that’s us practicing for liza & shaw)


-yum signature drinks


-flip flops (& pashminas!) for guests




-bucket o’ matches


-napkins with fun quotes


-a beer boat


-3 (three!) cakes


- a picture stolen from the adorable nicole since i had none of both groom and bride..


and lastly – forever:


& now shaw :)


  1. omg! those napkins! those match books! S'MORES?! those FANS! that VIEW! gold flip flops!! THREE CAKES?! sounds like perfection to me. oh, and what a gorgeous bride Liza was - of course!

  2. Great pictures from such a fun weekend! We LOVE our new book bin! Hanging it in the nursery this weekend, and pictures to come. :)


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