October 6, 2010

chocolate butterbean

When my life feels like this:

 022  024 023

(out of control, my tap shoes don’t fit and the damn phone cord won’t unravel)

nothing makes me happier than a package that arrives looking like this…


We have been working with the talented Joni at Chocolate Butterbean (the name even makes you smile!) for some time now and she has been ever so patient with us and occasionally will mail us something to “look” at to help move us along.  And every time her cute little packages arrive Arre and i have a (much too long) discussion about how cute and tidy and perfect everything is that she does.  Maybe it’s because no parts of our lives fit into the cute and perfect and tidy category and her ability to be effortless about it is amazing.  In any event…. here’s a quick glimpse of her fabulous work and now if someone asks for some material on the frames we may just be able to finally send it to you!

 010 013

Thank you for all your patience and work Joni, you’re the best!


  1. <3 <3 <3 OH i adORe every part of this post!!!

  2. Kristen, I laughed so hard at this! :-)

  3. I think everything that you and Arre do looks very cute and very tidy and very perfect. The lit looks great!! You guys are doing an awesome job!

  4. thank you, Brandi - that is so kind.

  5. Y'all are sweet! Love the post.:) Thanks for your patience, too!!! And, I agree, I feel like everything y'all do is very cute and very tidy and very perfect.


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