July 20, 2011

green (reclaimed) green (old paint color) chalkboards

We don't always have chalkboards in stock but we do this week!  I can not make up my mind about where I want one but am seriously consider taking one of these home with me too (yes, I want that frame from Tuesday too) there are only 3 so let us know asap if you want one!

I have been working with a friend on deciding what to do with her nursery (lots of wall space) and once it hit us that the room needed a chalkboard we were so excited! (yes over a chalkboard).  It makes me (almost) want to have another baby (this is kristen if you haven't guessed by now).  The possibilities for what that board can hold are endless!  baby stats (to jot down before you forget), cute baby quotes, instructions for caretakers, or just draw a pretty picture for your babe!

and I am loving the pale green.

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