September 17, 2013

Kids and etsy updated!

I think we are finally getting  into the swing of things.  As I mentioned before, my babies are all grown.  We now have one drop off place for school which really streamlines my days (that and an amazing neighbor that we carpool with!).

Here are the girls on the first day of school.  K4, 3rd, 1st.  We are so lucky to have amazing teachers that show so much love to these girls everyday.  

Backtracking a bit - we went to the lake for Labor Day this year - above I am sporting sweet em's new neon pink disc (can purchase here). These are my current favorite!  As my wardrobe usually doesn't have a whole lot of color, I am loving the pop of color these add!  I also love that I can throw on a gray tshirt, put these earrings on and somehow feel dressed.

Did you know that the neon was inspired by MJ?  She the way I stay in touch with what people like...she may only be 8 but she is entirely more fashion forward than her mom.  

And lastly, check out the sweet em shop on etsy... I am slowly weeding out the earrings I have fallen out of love with and adding those I do love.  You don't have to order from etsy!  You can email me at shopsweetem(at)gmail(dot)com. With the number you'd like below.  All of my earrings range from $10-$14.

xoxo, Kristen
p.s. don't forget to enter to win one of the pink earrings on sweet em's facebook page.

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