June 20, 2012

garden inspired summer orzo

This is an easy one!  I always keep orzo on hand (if you aren’t familiar it is rice shaped pasta) for easy side dishes like this.  We made 2 different variations, one for grown ups, one for kids.

Grown up rosemary orzo:



  • 1 lemon
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes (grown ups only)
  • salt, pepper
  • sprig fresh rosemary (chopped) (grown ups only)
  • fresh parmesan
  • frozen peas (kids only)
  • orzo (i only used 1/4 pound this time but i would at least double!)

Boil the orzo as instructed on package, drain



Mix equal parts lemon juice & olive oil (i squeezed the juice of one lemon into a measuring cup then added an equal amount of olive oil.  Add a healthy dose of pepper and salt (see mills hand above..we like lots of salt).  This is the “dressing” for your pasta.  Set aside.

Chop rosemary, grate parmesan, quarter cherry tomatoes.

144 146

For the kids version you can see (picture on the right above) i omitted tomatoes & rosemary and added frozen peas.


Well Mills added/ate frozen peas.  Add your dressing to each bowl (i just added a little at a time until I was happy with the consistency).  Add all ingredients.  I like orzo best room temp so if you store in fridge, pull out of the fridge a little early.  Top with (more) fresh parmesan..and enjoy!


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