June 22, 2012

catching up with molly

Because she’s the middle child and we middle children are always being left out :) 

I completely forgot to show you what I did with all those paper crafts i mentioned a while ago.  Well they were for Molly’s end of the year swim party at my parents house and here is how it turned out!





The triangles (below) were the remains of the bunting (above) and they were threaded onto fishing string, and weighted with seashells and hung over the food table.


and you know good ole’ martha and her tissue paper pom poms never fail us


a day later Molly had her dance recital.  Sometimes I can catch the girls in such a good mood they will put on a fashion shoot for me and really get into it



but usually it goes like this:

 003 004 005 006

you do know i only show you the pictures when everyone is smiling and happy for a split second.  we have lots and lots of fights around my house and going out in public we have taken a turn for the worse.  just letting you know :)


with uncle matt & aunt arre


Enjoy your weekend Molly style – taking it easy 147

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