August 15, 2012

cheers to turning 7!

Mary James’ birthday falls at a (sort of) unfortunate time – right after the fourth of July.  Families are still on vacation, this year we were ending a vacation and time for all this party planning just did not exist.  So I let MJ pick out her invitations from Target (no homemade ones this year) and she picked out a fun star invitation.  She knew she wanted to do a cheer party so she conspired with her babysitter to help. My parents have a cabin in the woods they let us use (score! on not having to clean up my house) As unorganized as I was…it turned out to be the most fun party I think we have had!  It was SO HOT  that a friend suggested i bring along extra bathing suits just in case we had to jump in the pond and while i am against jumping in the pond…i did pack the extra suits and was so glad i did!  the girls took turns riding a paddle boat under the fountain and had a blast!
mj, molly, & mills painted the frames below.
Favors: megaphones that they glittered up
Isn’t emily great?!  She was so sweet to lead the girls through cheers and play and just help out with the party.   084
and after everyone was gone, we changed up the concessions a bit and had our own after party
it’s good to be 7 :)
A little s&j side note – we do have some chalkboards in stock!  send us an email if you are intersted (hello @


  1. i cannot BELIEVE she is SEVEN! ugh! it was SUCH a cute, fun party - even if it was the "easy" one.

  2. and those neon frames are my fave.


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