September 6, 2012

Nursery Notebook :: 1

Thankfully you guys are as eager to see my nursery as I am, so I am going to borrow the blog to use as an organizational tool plus an accountability journal of sorts.

The baby should be here within the next eight weeks and as you will see in the photos to follow - I've got a lot to do, so here we go!

We have a few options for a nursery space, so narrowing it down to this one (pictured above) was a feat in and of itself! I ended up selecting it because it is the closest to our room and I like the views. It helped that it wasn't truly serving another purpose ;) It has been a verifiable junk room for two years, so when we had the floors refinished a month ago, I made the decision in time for nothing to be put back in here. It doesn't look like much but this alone is major progress!

A little more time passed until I was ready to make any purchases. Measuring for the big stuff was the obvious next step. Big stuff includes:

  • crib
  • glider
  • changing table
  • rug(s)
  • draperies
  • daybed(?)
  • bookcase/armoire?
  • art

Along the way, I've, of course, looked at some small stuff too ;) We debated about whether or not to wait to do the nursery (because we aren't finding out if our baby is a boy or a girl!) but in the end my much more practical than me husband won and a very neutral scheme is in the works. I would like to think that we may have more children and that this room will remain the nursery for the duration, so that makes me like it being neutral better. Plus, once this baby outgrows the nursery, it will be way more fun to do a colorful room specific to his or her gender and likes! 

So far, I only have check marks by three of the aforementioned 'big items' ... but sending in that first order sure was fun! Funnily enough they are the top three things on the list I just typed up there - which I didn't mean to type in order of importance but did! I'm expecting two of the piece to arrive in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I'll share a progress picture once they're in...

Now, I just (really, like am running out of time have to) need to make decision on a rug (or two?!) and draperies...

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