October 10, 2012

Going on hiatus

Yep you heard it right.  s&j is going to take a little break.  We will still update you on the blog from time to time but for now we are trying to prioritize our lives a little better.  With Arre's bundle of joy set to arrive THIS month and my kids growing up much faster than I expected (I will admit, I was warned) s&j has taken a bit of a backseat for us.  We have always had so much fun with this venture that started out as a simple need for a few frames and turned into a business that has led us to get to know so many people that would have otherwise never entered our lives.  We are grateful for all of you s&j supporters and friends so don't leave us just yet!

If you already have an order placed with us do not worry - we are on it!  We plan to wrap up all orders before the end of the month.  We are just no longer taking new orders for the time being.  We will have some extra frames for a little early Christmas shopping so don't be a stranger.  Besides..aren't you dying to know what Arre is having?!  Me too so stick around.

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