August 26, 2013

Kay Fuller Interiors

It feels a little funny for me to be writing a post entitled "Kay Fuller Interiors", but here I am :)  You see, while Arre and I do share the mother-in-law (Kay Fuller) who is the creative force (among other things) behind Kay Fuller Interiors (her interior design store she started 20+ years ago), I don't have the history with the store that Arre does.  Arre worked there long before she met her husband (Kays youngest son, the other one is mine) and I may be wrong, but i think it's where they met or at least got to know each other.  Her love of interior design has kept her in close contact with the store (well that and the fact that we are all now family) through the years.  But I am here to tell you that now Kay Fuller Interiors is carrying sweet em jewelry!

Family, or not, I feel honored to have my jewelry here.  Kay has such an eye for style and her store reflects that.

She has taught me a lot over the years.  When Jim and I moved into our first house she "helped" me decorate (as in did it all herself per my request because I honestly did not care what color the walls were and what fabric my pillows were in or even if I had pillows at all). I have come a long way but still rely on Kay and Arre for decorating advice.

While you are there, check out all the beautiful items KFI has to offer.  Many of her items are one of a kind finds.


She has recently started carrying baby gifts, and has always had wedding gifts, but now much more to offer!

It's definitely worth seeing and now you can grab your mom (sister, aunt, daughter, friend) or yourself some earrings as you browse.

And lastly, I will leave you with a snapshot of my home office. One (baby) step towards organization.

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