December 9, 2009

our inventory is up!

Whether you are in the mood for dots & stripes

painted labelled

or for a more rustic look

old labelled

or even for a little bit of both

old and new labelled

or the forever crowd pleaser… a touch of gold

 22a labelled 

22b labelled 

or for an S&J all time favorite

large labelled

We have the perfect Christmas gift for you!!

If you have any questions or would like to see an individual picture of each frame..just leave a comment or send us an email at stewartandjames(at)gmail(dot)com with the number of the photo you are interested in.  Happy shopping!!

post by kristen


  1. like how you put the prices on there! Kristen, hold a 5x7 gold trim one for me.

    #22a is sold
    and i'm assuming the "anonymous" post is kelley - because i have put your 5x7 gold trim aside!

  3. yes - anonymous is Kelley. I don't know how to put my name up there...

  4. I love how you put numbers and prices on there - perfect!! They are all beautiful!

  5. hey girls, i am interested in 22a & #4 for christmas gifts?

    Thanks, erinn lowe

  6. thank you Frances!

    hi Erinn! 22a has already sold. are you interested in 22b?


  7. Hey Arre!
    I want to buy say, five, of these for my hallway. Any suggestions on a grouping? Our halls are painted yellow grass cloth...hummm. Let me know what your thoughts are.

  8. soo you ship internationally?

  9. hi tammy - so glad you like them!! unfortunately we don't ship internationally - we made the mistake once and the cost was double that of the frame!!! If you know of an inexpensive way to ship internationally we would love to know!!


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