December 22, 2009

starting to feel a lot like Christmas…



Do you know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child?”  Well, it is a bit more fitting for me to say it takes a village to be ready for Christmas day.  It has really crept up on us this year but I finally have stockings hung (thank you mother-in-law for the burlap idea), ginger bread dough ready for baking (thanks arre), and santa gifts ready for little fingers to pry open (thanks to my mom), and thanks to my husband for being able to track down 2 old school desks with very short notice (the girls will love them!).

And THANKS to all of YOU for the great response to our inventory posts  – we will be starting a new production at the beginning of the new year – can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for s t e w a r t & j a m e s!

post by kristen


  1. they look SO cute! can't wait to see them in real life!


  2. Love the burlap stockings! They look so sweet hanging on your mantle. And yes, it's true---it takes a village to prepare for the holidays. They're almost here, let the merry making begin!
    XX Kate

  3. cutest stockings ever!!! who made them? did you stamp the names on them?!

  4. thank you kate! and shanna - a contact of kay's made them and i did stamp the names on them!..i am happy with how they turned out and SO happy to finally have some stockings! have a merry christmas if i don't see you!!


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