December 15, 2009

we saw santa last night!!

like really saw him. through the computer. and are SO excited....

if you have small children go here

You enter in all of their information (name, what they want for christmas, where they live, etc.) and get a customized video conference with santa. The video below is the one we did for MJ, but if your kid has a more common name (like Molly) - he will actually say their name. so fun!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

post by kristen


  1. So cute!! I just made one for William to watch tonight. MJ was so funny when Santa said she's been trying hard to be nice to her sister...

  2. too precious! Mary James' expression at the very beginning is priceless! She looks like she is so excited she is about to cry. And i love Molly's apathy turned criosity turned envy turned glee! so, so cute and fun!

  3. okay, that's so adorable. for some reason every time i watch one of these santa videos it makes me cry!!! i love her reaction...presley acted just like molly did. these videos are so fun! LL


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