June 28, 2011

come in too red white and blue

Mary James has had some pretty elaborate ideas over the past few years for birthday parties.  She seems to start planning the day the party is over (for the next year).  And I have always guided her in narrowing down her ideas to something that’s actually doable.  This year we did not start talking about the party  until a week ago (!!)  So I am here to tell you what I have not done for MJ’s party.  Not because I haven’t had time or lack of motivation or ideas but because a certain little 5 (almost 6 – in 10 days to be exact) year old has taken over the party planning.  Much to my relief  - she wants to do it all – that means invitations, cake design, decorations..everything! 


here are MJ’s notes:

theme: come in too red white and blue (how wonderful for my wallet that this is right on the heels of 4th of july!)  I do not fully understand what the theme means but I don’t need to know since I am not in charge

game plan: spend the night party

# invited: 3 girls (i did suggest this number)

invitations: individually handmade with the invited guest’s name along with a list of the others that are invited, details of the time and house number.  A phone call may be required as well :)

cake sketch:


this does make me a little nervous..i’m not sure how to make a cake that tall

Keep your fingers crossed that letting an almost 6 year old plan her own birthday party results in an actual party. 


  1. Love it! She is so creative...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. You're too cute and so brave to try that cake! Can' wait to see the next post


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