June 21, 2011

Charleston Bound

In true Kristen and Arre fashion, one of us has had our bags packed since yesterday morning (22 hours in advance) and the other hasn't been home in days (to even begin thinking about packing). Can you guess which is who?! One thing we both are, however is ready! Even if not in a literal since if you are me... I mean... the one of us who is not packed...

I can't wait to return to the South Carolina coast to be charmed by the city of Charleston once more.

Eating is, of course, at the tip top of our agenda - and with so many decadent choices (seriously - too many to list and link too - this post is taking an eternity as it is), we should be able to get that done (please comment with any recommendations!). oh! and breezy balmy (forgot where we were headed there for a minute) cocktail hour(s) atop any roof with drink service - if I remember correctly you have to be far above the ground to keep anywhere close to cool around there...

Here we go!

Check back next week for a full report - and if you're in the area, please *stop by because - oh yeh - we do have an actual reason for going: a show , so please come!

*email us at hello@stewartandjames.com for full details.

1 comment:

  1. SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) is wonderful....Try O-Ku if you want sushi!!!


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