June 14, 2011

stocking up for Charleston!

I’ve been meaning to do a sneak peek post for a while now (for the Charleston show next week)  but you know how it goes – time flies by and we realize we are only 1 week and 2 days away, not enough items marked off the to do list and a blog post always gets pushed to the back.  Poor blog.  We won’t leave you hanging though -  i snapped these pics as I was literally running out of the shop (hence the quality)

001 002

And invitations have been mailed!  so sorry for the poor quality photo..cell phone capture in the excitement of mailing :)









It’s not too late to send you an invitation!  If you are in the Charleston area please e-mail us at hello @ stewartandjames . com with your address and I will put it in the mail today!


  1. Good Luck, Ladies!! I hope you have an awesome turn out and frames go flying out the door!!


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