November 14, 2011

Being Followed By...


I am so thrilled to feature the adorable JMB of A Huckleberry Over My Persimmon this morning. Her blog is a window into the lovely life she shares with her handsome husband and beautiful babe. Though we've never actually met, we feel quite linked to Michelle as she'll reveal in her answers below: 

I actually discovered it through my stat reporter. I was getting hits from a familiar link to your readers. Yours! I clicked the link and discovered you guys gave me props on earth day a few years back and I had to tag you guys back. Your work was (is) beautiful! I was so touched to have a reader that wasn't a close friend or family member, it was one of those moments that I felt like, wow- I have to keep doing this, it feels good and feeling good is addictive. 

Favorite s&j Reads:
Without a doubt the posts about the parties that you ladies host, or are a part of. I love to entertain, my husband jokes that I can throw a dinner party complete with fancy candles and ambiance together in about 10 minutes. I think that comes from inspiration, like your blog. I keep those simple touches in the back of my head. 

Give Me More: 
I really enjoy the posts about other local entrepreneurs around South Georgia, especially in the 20-30 something club. My husband is from Albany and there are some amazing folks around y'alls hometown doing good things to keep the economy going, and they are incredibly creative about it. They have the entrepreneurial spirit that their parents and grandparents probably had, but it's hipper, it's tailored to a new way of doing things and that's refreshing. I love to see progression, I am seeing a lot of that in my home town of Griffin, Georgia too. It makes it feel good to come home. 

Daily Blog Lovin': 
I just thinned out my Google reader because I had over 1000 blog posts to read each day, it became impossible and overwhelming. The ones that I had to keep are OhdeedohSmitten KitchenGarden and GunListful Wishful,  family members blogs, you ladies of course, and so many more- but now I have about 50 to scroll through, it's much more manageable. 

Why (read) Blog(s)?
I love the community feel of it, the spirit of the common writer, and the creativity that is far from mainstream. I read a lot of personal blogs, especially do it yourselfers. It keeps me focused on saving money and figuring out a cheaper and more creative way to fix up this old house of ours. 

What About You?!
 A Huckleberry Over My Persimmon came from the southern phrase- I'm a huckleberry over your persimmon, which means I'm better than you. I adapted that and made it over MY own persimmon, meaning a bit above my own ability. I write the blog to help push myself. It helps me finish things because I have the reward of tracking my own progress and looking where we, my husband and I, have been and what we have accomplished since we got engaged in August of 2008. You can forget how far you have come in so little time. It's funny we actually just discussed this topic last night, and we stood a little taller. Sometimes you can get so caught up in what you need to do, you forget what you have done. I also write it to get sentimentality out there, I am incredibly sentimental, but can be a bit stoic sometimes I think. I wrote about my mom a lot when she passed away last October, it was incredibly therapeutic for me. I was able to say things to everyone without losing too many tears in front of them. So I write about whatever is on my mind, mostly family life, home projects, recipes, the earth, saving money.

Where to Find YOU:

How Old is Your Blog?
  3 years. 

why (do YOU) blog? 
Other than for the reasons that I stated above, to share with family and friends. It can be a blessing to live in the times that we do. Some folks complain about technology and transparency on the web, but I really appreciate it and use it to our advantage. All of our friends and family are spread out across the country, it's amazing to see what they have been doing, and to share with them what's going on in our life too. I am the worst phone friend ever, I detest talking on the phone, but I'm working at getting better at that. I hope to remain a work in progress. 

thanks so much for following, michelle. i love your answers and your blog. we really appreciate your support and participation in this series.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Being Followed By Series. We've quite enjoyed getting to learn a little more about who's out there ;) This is the end of this - for now. If you are interested in being featured in the future, please email

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  1. Thank you so much Arre and Kristen! You ladies are so inspiring!

    Please visit to view my current writings. The blog listed here is a work in process. -Under construction, and waiting on new artwork, as well as a layout.


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