November 15, 2011

show sneak peek

Do you know that our Annual Albany Show is THIS WEEK?! 

thursday november 17: 5pm-9pm

friday november 18: 9am-5pm

saturday november 19: 9am-1pm

to be exact ;)

Please excuse our blog absence while we push it until the very last minute as usual .. In the meantime, enjoy some frames that are done and ready for thursday!

001 003


 005 006

I don’t want to give away too much but as our s&j items slowly fill my house over the next few days you may be seeing more sneak peeks so stay tuned!

As you (should) already know – we have 2 more talented ladies joining us this year.  Abby from Bellum Designs

ab1 ab2 ab3  

And Melissa from MB Strother Designs


 ms3 ms4

We will see you soon!

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